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23, queer, poly, constantly getting lost, perpetually has a case of the Mondays, has a lot of funny stories.

Episode 2: Spring Break 2017

This week’s episode has been delayed because my internet is garbage and wouldn’t upload the damn file for like 3 days. Anyway, I sound like garbage this week because my allergies are wreaking havoc with my body. But I talk about the amazing Spring Break trip I took, and I make hints about what the next episode could be about.



Episode 1: Clive Barker’s Books of Blood Vol 1-6

I know I said every two weeks, but it’s been 20 days since I’ve last done something. I was waiting on a new microphone so I could be more legit, and the big snowstorm turned my 2-day shipping into 5-day shipping and it didn’t get here in enough time. Hopefully now I’ll have everything under control and I’ll stick to a better schedule.


Love ya,

Molly MoonPie

Thanks for stopping by! I know things look a little empty right now, but I’ve been super busy with school. Don’t hate me…yet. I’m hoping I can work on an introductory episode for you guys today and get it out soon. I have high hopes for this project.


Love ya,

Molly Moon Pie